One of our missions at Canah Designs is to support great causes with a portion of our annual profits.  Alongside that mission we have rolled out a fundraising program to support your great cause or organization.  It costs nothing, is free for your organization to participate, and all you will need to do is have a PayPal account to receive funds and provide some information for the fundraising account.

How It Works:

          1.  Request fundraiser information by sending an email to  We will send you an email with a list of information we need from you to establish your fundraiser account.  If you were referred by one of our retailers please make sure to include that on your data sheet.

          2.  Provide the information requested to us and we will set up your account and replicated site for you and inform you when it is ready for you to start referring customers to your site to start making money for your organization.

          3.  Collect 35% less a 3.5% merchant fee in your PayPal account as a commission for the sales your group generates.  This is tracked in our system, and typically gets paid out every Wednesday unless there is a Holiday or some other timing issue.

Gift Funds Available:

If your organization is a valid 501c3, registered as an organization that can receive tax exempt gifts, let us know and you will qualify for an additional 5% gift based on your sales paid out by CP Designs monthly.  We will collect and verify your EIN against a non-profit database for the additional gift from CP Designs.

Below is a list of the types of organizations that may be very interested in our products:

          1.  Due to our inventory of Awareness items (Autism, Downs Syndrome, Breast Cancer, etc.) organizations or sponsored events supporting awareness are may have particular interest in our products.

          2.  Due to our inventory of Sports themed items (Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Football, Cheer, and Basketball) organizations or events supporting these sports may have particular interest in our products.

          3.  Due to our inventory of Animal themed items (Dogs, Bears, Elephants, Llamas, Insects) organizations or events supporting animal preservation, humane societies, etc. may have a particular interest in our products.

          4.  Any organization with supporters that love comfortable, stylish, lively designed apparel.

This is a great way to supplement the fundraising for your organization in a very simple and not labor intensive manner (you refer your supporters to us for product, we pay you).  If you choose, you can give us an email list of your supporters for marketing purposes so we can market for your account.  This is not required, but if you do not have the resources to take care of disseminating the information we are willing to create the marketing campaign for you and market in a manner that is not very intrusive to your supporters.